work: laissez vibrer

Laissez vibrer
This study was commissioned in 2010 as a contribution to Joyous Lake, a collection of piano miniatures by various composers brought together to celebrate the teaching career of my dear friend and then supervisor Geoffrey Poole. The score is preceded with the following introductory words: “Every tutorial I have had with Geoff during the course of my studies at the University of Bristol left me staring at myriads of new and unsuspected possibilities, as if standing before a door he had just opened wide and contemplating what might lay beyond. The knowledge which I have been fortunate to access through our meetings now rings and resonates quietly, deep and diffuse within my compositional practice. This is the idea which is alluded to in this brief page of music.”

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2′ 00″

David Greenhorne
(no public perf. to date)
Prima Facie Records PFCD21